• Beaumont CHAMPIONS

  • Have you ever wondered if the police department has a canine unit? How your water is kept clean and safe for drinking? What fireman do when they aren’t fighting fires? And what about how roads are selected to be built or fixed each year? And WHAT are we doing about the boredom issue in this town??? THERE IS NOTHING TO DO IN BEAUMONT. BEAUMONT IS BORING.
    Well, folks…..Beaumont has a fully functioning K-9 unit, our firemen are volunteering in our community (and make excellent gumbo) when not fighting fires and in so many ways….BEAUMONT IS NOT BORING….and we’re going to prove that and more during the Beaumont CHAMPIONS program.


    Community image is an issue here, we can sometimes be our own worst enemy.  The Beaumont CHAMPIONS program is designed to be a solution. It is a free, community driven program, that will ENGAGE and INFORM citizens about what’s REALLY happening in their communities.