• Membership Lunches

  • Members and the public are invited to attend the Chamber’s membership lunches, which provide an update on the latest Chamber activities, work programs and goals. A guest speaker enlightens the audience on current affairs and issues. These great events provide businesses and their employees excellent opportunities to network.


    State of the City

    Mayor Robin Mouton informs the attendees on the City’s accomplishments from the past year and the plans for the future. The luncheon will include a review of City departmental activities and an opportunity for the Mayor to present  her own vision for the upcoming year.

    State of the Workforce

    Join us as both local and national experts discuss current and future trends on workforce needs and what is being done to meet the demands of companies in the Golden Triangle Region.

    State of the County

    County Judge Jeff Branick enlightens attendees on the county’s recent achievements and plans for the future. A must-attend event with all of the growth planned for Jefferson County

    Legislative Update Luncheon 

    The Chamber's membership and guests gather to hear updates from our U.S. Congressman, State Senator, & State Representatives.The Legislative Update Luncheon includes recognition for state elected officials who voted consistent with the Chamber's legislative agenda at least 75% of the time. 

    Economic Development Luncheon

    GBCOC members and non-members are invited to attend the Chamber's new Economic Development Luncheon. Attendees will hear from top speakers on the given subject matter for that year. 

    Year End Update Luncheon

    Join us as we cap off the year with a luncheon focusing on a subject ranging from Education to Healthcare to Transportation to Industry.  The topic will be chosen based on relevance to both the business community and to the community as a whole.





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