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Beaumont, Texas – The Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce has released its Economic Pulse for September, providing insight into the local economy’s current state. The report shows while employment has shown an increase over the past year, other key economic indicators have continued to experience a downturn.

The Economic Pulse, a barometer for Beaumont’s economic health, notes that general spending has declined, reflecting consumer sentiment and broader economic trends. Auto spending, a critical indicator of consumer confidence, has also declined, suggesting residents are postponing major purchases.

In the hospitality sector, hotel and motel activity has seen reduced numbers, a potential concern for local tourism travel. The construction industry, alongside home building, has not been immune to the slow-down, with both areas witnessing lower levels of activity compared to last year. The rising interest rates have contributed to the “knock-on” effect of the housing market.

Despite these challenges, there is a silver lining with improvement in employment figures, hinting at gradually strengthening the job market. This foundation may serve as a foundation for a more robust economic recovery in the future.

“The latest Economic Pulse underscores our concern about a slowing economy,” said Steve Ahlenius, President and CEO of the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce. “However, the increase in employment levels is a strong positive sign. We continue to watch these trends and are committed to supporting our local businesses through any “slack” in the local economy.”

The Chamber continues to focus on initiatives that foster economic development and to grow the economy. The Chamber encourages local spending and investment in the community. It encourages people to participate in Chamber programs such as Cash Mob and Lunch Mob, which support local retail and restaurant businesses.

About the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce: The Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce is a 501 C (6) nonprofit organization with the purpose of promoting economic growth and prosperity in Beaumont by supporting and growing local businesses and entrepreneurs, attracting new businesses, and advocating for policies that encourage strong business development.

The Chamber offers a variety of programs and services to its members and business community, including business development programs, networking opportunities, educational seminars, workshops, and access to business resources and information. It also plays an active role in the community by hosting events and supporting local initiatives that promote economic growth and quality of life in Beaumont.

The Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce is a member of the U.S Chamber of Commerce, International Economic Development Council (IEDC), Texas Association of Business (TAB), and Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives (TCCE).

Contact: Steve Ahlenius
Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce