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Membership Division

The purpose of the Membership Division with the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce is to focus on all aspects all aspect related to the Chamber’s membership base. This division is responsible for recruiting new members, retaining existing ones, and ensuring that the Chamber’s members receive value and benefits from their membership.  The membership Division plays a crucial role in maintaining and growing the Chamber’s membership, supporting the Chamber’s overall mission of growing the economy, helping businesses succeed, and making a positive impact.

Membership Recruitment. Actively seeking out and engaging potential new members for the Chamber.

Membership Retention. Working to ensure the current members find value in their Chamber membership and choose to renew their membership each year.

Member Benefits. Developing and enhancing the benefits and services that members receive, which include discounts, advertising opportunities, access to seminars, networking events, and key information and updates.

Communications. Keeping members informed about Chamber initiatives, community developments, legislation and policy changes, and other relevant news through regular newsletters, e-mails, social media, podcasts, and other channels.

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